Hvilke skjønnhetsprodukter trenger jeg?

We believe that no one really needs any beauty products, but that there is an incredible amount of fun out there that you can experiment with. In this article we will go into what it can be good to have as a basis.

Hor med venner - Hvilke skjønnhetsprodukter trenger jeg?

Skin care

Some people choose to have a whole routine where they cleanse the skin, apply different types of serum and not least invest in a number of good creams. Many tests show that even if you pay a lot for a cream, this does not mean that it will help you much more than a regular moisturizer. That’s why we recommend you find an affordable moisturizer that works for you. It takes very little to maintain the moisture in your skin. The very best tip we have when it comes to skin care is to be hydrated anyway. This means that you need to drink enough water so that your skin gets all the benefits from this.

Sminke - Hvilke skjønnhetsprodukter trenger jeg?


When it comes to makeup, there is actually everything between heaven and earth. It all depends on your style, your skin type and not least what you like when it comes to buying makeup. If you are a person who wants to use as little make-up as possible, it may be enough to only have mascara, eyeliner and maybe even a moisturizer that has a little color in it. Others choose to really put work into their makeup (something we are incredibly impressed with), and have a number of types of makeup palettes and false eyelashes. Of course, there is also a lot between the two ways of putting on make-up.

One thing we recommend is to buy one product at a time, then use it up to see if it is for you. We all tend to want to buy everything that is new on the market, but it is not necessarily good for us or the environment. This is exactly why we recommend you to see what is available within your budget to go from there. It can be tempting to buy all the most expensive products at once, but this will save you money.

Hudpleie - Hvilke skjønnhetsprodukter trenger jeg?

Check with friends

Most likely you have friends who are also quite interested in makeup. We encourage you to consult with them what they like, simply because you can get some tips from someone you actually know, and not people who just want to sell you something. Many influencers and others online have often been paid to promote products and are often not as genuine as we would like them to be. Therefore, listen to recommendations from friends or family instead of listening to celebrities and others.

Finding products on your own is also something that is incredibly exciting, we think!

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